“Unless you Test, It’s Just a Guess!” Focus on Forage Testing

Forage quality is one of the most influential factors in livestock production.  Providing good quality, well managed forage can decrease reliance on stored feeds, decrease the need for added supplementation, and increase animal performance.  Whether for hay or grazing, the only way to determine the quality of your forage is by implementing a forage test! Forage […]

Alfalfa production in North Florida

Alfalfa production in USA

Alfalfa production in North Florida Jose Dubeux1 and Patricio Munoz2   1Assistant Professor, University of Florida – North Florida Research and Education Center (NFREC), Marianna, FL dubeux@ufl.edu 2Assistant Professor, University of Florida – Agronomy Department, Gainesville, FL p.munoz@ufl.edu   Alfalfa is considered the “Queen of Forages” because of its high nutritive value. Alfalfa also has […]