Forages – Defining Sustainability Before It Was Cool

Cow-Calf Pair

Forage systems provide the basis for livestock production systems in the United States. In fact, the reach of forages is so extensive, they are located in almost every county within every state in the nation! Today, the forage-livestock industry is often under fire and deemed as a negative contributor to the environment. This couldn’t be […]

Cattle Reproduction: Nothing To It But Do It


I have heard the phrase “nothing to it but to do it” all my life. For me, it translates to “put it on your calendar and it will happen.” As the end of the spring breeding season approaches, I wanted to encourage you to go ahead and schedule pregnancy diagnosis for your spring-breeding cows and […]

Frequently Asked Questions: Incorporating Alfalfa into Bermudagrass Systems

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Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) is a perennial forage legume suited for hay, silage, or grazing management systems. The “Queen of Forages” is high yielding and produces excellent quality forage with high energy and protein. Alfalfa was once a dominant species utilized in the Southeast US. However, the harsh environment and elevated insect pressure soon eliminated […]

Archived Webinar – Alfalfa in Bermudagrass Research, Economics, and Success Stories

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A regional webinar was hosted on September 25, 2019 to highlight current efforts in the Southeast related to the integration of alfalfa into bermudagrass systems. The webinar focused on current work being conducted in Georgia, Florida, and Alabama related to mixed stands, economic decision-making, success stories in on-farm settings, and future research on these systems. […]

Managing Heat Stress in Beef Herds this Summer


What is Heat Stress? Heat stress in the cattle herd may be a concern during the warmest months of the year in the Southeast USA (June through early September; when the temperature is above 85°F and the humidity is high). Unlike humans, cattle get rid of excess heat in their system through breathing and panting […]

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