Horn Fly Control – Dealing with Insecticide Resistance

Cattlemen are faced with fly control decisions every year. Horn flies are the most important in terms of economic loss to cattle producers, accounting for about $1 billion annually in the United States. Control of horn flies became very convenient with the introduction of insecticide ear tags. The early ear tags contained pyrethroid insecticides and […]

Livestock Provisions in the Farm Bill

The 2014 Farm Bill contains numerous provisions related to livestock and dairy.  Recently, UGA Extension Specialists in the Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics conducted a training session for Georgia Farm Bureau and members of its field staff.  The following link will take you to a recorded video of the Livestock session presented by Dr. […]

Poor Quality Forages Pose Life-Threatening Risk to Southeastern Cow Herds

What Is Happening A large number of beef cattle producers in the Southeastern U.S. are reporting that their cows are experiencing diarrhea, dying soon after calving or dying unexpectedly. Some producers have also reported an increase in the number of cows aborting or giving birth to weak or stillborn calves. Please click the link below […]