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How Does Rain Impact Hay Quality?

Hay Field

The classic summer afternoon rain shower is both a friend and foe for hay producers in the Southeast.  While most farmers certainly won’t turn down a year with ample rain, the frequency of rainfall can pose a challenge to putting up high-quality hay for the winter months. Rain can cause the following to occur when […]

“Is it too hot to work calves?”


“Is it too hot to work calves?”  “Is the temperature and humidity going to kill these cattle this afternoon if we work them?” Those in the cattle business know those questions and thoughts all too well, especially with most of us having off farm careers and jobs now. An informed decision is always the best. […]

Tips for Replacement Heifer Management

It is almost spring, and after a challenging winter, we are ready for some warmer weather in South Georgia.   As grass begins to grow, many producers will be looking to build or restock their herds after fall and winter culling.  With cattle prices trending upward over the last year, the demand for quality females should […]

Alfalfa in the Deep South: Three things to do by Spring

April 20 (27)

Right now is the opportune time to implement management plans that can impact the entire Alfalfa growing season. Taking the time to get out in your field and making informed decisions can help in regards to fertility needs and pest control. Below are three things to do by spring! 1) Fertilize for Stands to Survive […]

Cattle, Cold Weather, and Energy Demands

Hay Feeding

Cold weather has struck the Southeast for the next several days with the most recent weather pattern change bringing arctic-like air to the region. During periods of cold weather, remember the following important reminders to help cattle weather the storm: Cold weather can increase intake of cattle up to 30% because of increased maintenance energy […]

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