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Herd Expansion, Beef Cow Slaughter, and Projected Inventory Numbers for January 1

Historical and Projected January 1 Beef Cow Numbers, US.  Sources: USDA-NASS and UGA.

Herd expansion is a thought that is on many cattlemen’s minds.  Most are considering if they should expand and by how much.  Others are questioning if expansion has already begun, and if it hasn’t, when it will. In recent weeks beef cow slaughter as compared to last year has dramatically fallen.  In fact, when compared […]

Good news in August Cattle on Feed Report


The August USDA Cattle on Feed Report caught most analysts off guard with a very positive report on Friday, August 23.  Three major surprises from the report were: Numbers of cattle placed in July were lower than expected, Number of cattle marketed were in-line or slightly higher than pre-report expectations, and Total numbers of cattle-on-feed […]

COW – On Farm Hay Stocks Historically Low

May 1 Hay Stocks Historically Small

Dr. Curt Lacy (UGA) Recently USDA released the May 1 Hay Stocks numbers. This is an important statistic because it gives an idea of the ending hay inventory for the US. The next hay statistic that will be reported is the December 1 Hay Stocks which provides an estimate of the hay stocks entering winter. […]

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