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“Is it too hot to work calves?”


“Is it too hot to work calves?”  “Is the temperature and humidity going to kill these cattle this afternoon if we work them?” Those in the cattle business know those questions and thoughts all too well, especially with most of us having off farm careers and jobs now. An informed decision is always the best. […]

Basics of Winter Annual Establishment: by Lee Vanvlake, Area Livestock Agent, Clemson Extension

For many cattle producers in the state the first killing frost means grazing has ended and hay feeding starts.   It is common to hear discussion on how much it costs to feed hay and since hay is such an expensive forage, cattle producers look for ways to extend the grazing season and feed less stored […]

How Much Does Your Hay Storage Cost?


Be careful how you answer that question. Cost and expense are two different things. Everyone worries about the expense of building barns for hay storage. Yes, barns are a big capital expense. Sometimes the method with the least expense ends up costing you the most. For this article we will review three different hay storage […]

Preventing Prussic Acid Poisoning. By Dr. John Andrae, Clemson University Extension Forage Specialist

A significant risk of grazing certain species of drought or frost-damaged forages is hydrocyanic acid poisoning. This is more commonly known as prussic acid or cyanide poisoning. While prussic acid toxicity occurs less frequently than nitrate poisoning, cases are not uncommon in South Carolina. This bulletin will review causes of prussic acid poisoning and offer […]

Calving Management; Lee VanVlake, Clemson University Extension Area Livestock Agent


Southeast cattle farmers and ranchers have begun a very busy and critical time of the year. Most producers have already begun calving season and some are considering improving management practices. Producers can make calving season more predictable, more profitable, and less stressful by implementing some key management practices.   Calving season should be included in […]

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